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How can I search for a property ?

In order to find available properties, enter your arrival date and departure dates. Select the number of guests and click search.

Can I pay with any currency?

The prices are displayed in USD without VAT (VAT applies only for local residents) nevertheless, we charge credit cards in Euros and can reciev bank transfers in EUR, USD and New Israeli Shekels. Transaction fees apply for credit card payment and currrencies other than New israeli shekels

How can I pay ?

We accept Credit cards, bank transfers and cash. Payments in credit card is encrypted and 3D secured.

What is the difference between HolyGuest and platforms like Airbnb and HomeAway ?

Airbnb, HomeAway and other OTAs are online travel platforms, hhey aren't "the hotel" itself, as they do not actually operate the rentals. HolyGuest is a hospitality operator, it means that we are the one that will actually meet, host and do our best for you to have a pleasant stay.

What is the interest, if any, by booking direct with HolyGuest ?

Booking straight with HolyGuest is cheaper as you avoid the different platform service fees. If you are one of our Gold members you can even get exclusive rates.

How Do I get the keys ?

Most of our rentals have digital e-locks. Except specific properties that do not allow it, most of our properties have self checkin possibilities. Each reservation has an ephemere code lock taht you will be the only one to have, it is actually just like a key. Be careful to keep it discrete. If your property needs regular keys, your host will give it to you at your arrival.

Will someone meet me at the apartment ?

Absolutely ! Our dedicated team of hosts meets every single guest at the check in in order to greet you and go around teh property. The name of your hosts will be given to you with your confirmation as well as a secondary number, just in case you do not manage to reach him.

Do you provide sheets ?

Absolutely ! All our rentals come with freshly cleaned sheets and towels.

Do you provide beach towels ?

We do ! But it's an additionnal service. Ask us during your booking and we'll add it to your boolking.

Is there any taxes ?

VAT is due only for israel resients. It's 17% of the amount.

Do you do any discounts ?

We do, our gold members get access exclusive rates. If you're not yet a Gold member, make sure you sign up for it.

I come with a baby... Do you provide cribs ?

Absolutely but it's an extra $15/n. Make sure you notify your host so that he canl set it up for you so that it's all ready when you arrive. .

Do I have to Pay a deposit ?

Yes, depending on when you book, but we may ask you for a 30% or 50% deposit for your rental and the rest one day after your arrival. Also, a security deposit will be held as a credit card authorization 3 days before your departure and released 3 days after your departure. The money will not be deducted from your account, but only held.

Condition of the property and damages

All our properties are verified very often by our cleaning staff, maintenance staff and property managers. We do ask you to verify the condition of the iwhen you check in and to notify us, if any anomaly and missing or damaged objects, as the case may be within 24 (twenty-four) hours from his arrival. If you damage any item, please let us know as soon as it happens, and we'll do our best to replace it and provide you with an invoice.

HolyGuest for owners

How much can my property make ?

All the properties are different. It depends on many criterias. But the good news is that we can give you a precise revenue forecast based on your property. Market average occupancy is usually around 60%, our properties over perform this ratio by achieving more than 70% yearly occupancy. In order to receive your tailormade forecast, get in touch with Jordan our Head of Hospitality

How do you guys market your properties ?

All our properties are exposed to millions of travelers through professional platforms like Airbnb, HomeAway, TripAdvisor or but also on corporate rentals platforms, and our direct network of guests and companies.

How Do you handle deposits ?

All our guests give us a credit card as a security deposir. We block an amount on the card every before every departure and release ur after we checked the property. We also greet every guests, in order to make sure that it matches the person we talked with during the reseration and that it doesn't exceed the number of guests expected. If any damage occur which is the result of the guests misuse, the item may be either fixed or replaced at the guest's cost.

Can I access my property ?

Absolutely. You always have access to your calendar. You can block your dates for your stays whenever you feel like it. One thing, we can't cancel any booking. If a guest books your property, we won't be able to cancel his booking in order to let you in as it will directly impact our listinsg, profile and reputation.

How Do I Know that my property is booked ?

Great question ! You have several ways to know : First of all, we notify you by email, and/or SMS for every single booking you get with the details of the reservations. Secondly, you have a full access to your calendar via our owners portal, so taht you can stay aware of the occupancy and revenue of your property. Finally, we send you a monthly reprot at the end of each month so that you stay on track of your revenues and expenses.

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