5 restaurants you must discover in Tel Aviv

Tired of always going to the same places? Expand your restaurant selection in Tel Aviv



Luca e lino

The Italian flavors revisited in your plates on the famous street Lilenblum. Luca e Lino will make you travel, through Rome and all the Italy of the south to arrive in Sicily. Despite the simplicity of staple foods, such as olives, almonds, hazelnuts, herbs, dishes are very sophisticated.

You will find stunning sevichés, original risottos, a gourmet and colorful cuisine, which gives balm to the heart. 

Important tip: do not forget to keep a place for dessert ...



OCD Restaurant

Be ready for a real experience. Culinary as well as conceptual, the restaurant OCD takes you where you don't usually go.

The restaurant is very strict: when booking, specify your allergies and / or dietary restrictions, because after it will be too late.

The principle is simple. You are sitting at 19 people at a bar, around your cookers of the day. You will taste 9 dishes. One by one, but at the same rate as all the other guests of the day.

Mandatory reservation.

There is a brunch once a month on Fridays.




By Meir Adoni, in the Carlton

The lumina is an Israeli bistro style restaurant. There are 3 types of kitchens:

* Traditional Jewish cuisine, but reinterpreted by the chef.

* Dishes from Mizlala by Meir Adoni.

* More classic dishes of bistro chic type.

The plates are creative, full of colors and flavors.

The restaurant is bassari.




A young and warm atmosphere that combines magic and mystery.

A sophisticated map of great finesse that mixes different oriental Mediterranean flavors.

The chefs Arik Darhani and Muli Magriso set the tone: contemporary Ottoman and Turkish cuisine.

The warm atmosphere of the souq hapishpishim of Jaffa is very appreciable, both inside and outside. A very good "Food & Vibe" as they say.

A tip, the "pizzas" screwed in bread sticks are unavoidable. Do not hesitate to ask the waiters for advice to taste unusual dishes.



Captain curry

For Indian food lovers!

Yes, an Indian street food in Tel Aviv. But beware ! Dishes very spicy ! Do not hesitate to ask for advice from the waiters!

This restaurant, located on Dizengoff also has an antenna in Sarona Market. He brings the Israelis back to their memories of traveling to India.

Ideal for lunch or to eat quickly, we go there for the quality of the food more than for the comfort of the place.


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